All photographs were taken during a four-week donation trip in March of this year. For this purpose a 10-member team of the non-profit organization DriveToHelp has set out to provide the ASB Health Clinic Gambia with medical aid and donations. With five fully loaded cars, the young group crossed southern Europe, Morocco, the Atlas Mountains, Western Sahara, Mauritania, and Senegal. After three weeks of continuous driving, difficult border crossings and various complications, the clinic was finally successfully reached after 7000 km, 7 countries and 2 crossed continents. As part of this trip, over € 36,000 in donations and medical goods worth five digits were handed over to the clinic. All exhibited pictures are for sale, whereby the entire proceeds benefit the clinic. 
Long-term objective of the project 
The non-profit organization Drive to Help e.V. aims to support the ASB Health Clinic in Serrekunda, Gambia. The clinic has been making an important contribution to local health care for many years. People from Gambia, but also from the surrounding countries are being treated without having big financial resources. The main goal is to lower maternal and infant mortality rates and provide good medical care to all those seeking help. In addition, the clinic is a training center and it cooperates with other initiatives that aim to provide better income opportunities for the population.