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Johanna Berghorn is a young photographer based in Berlin, where she accomplished her bachelor's degree in photography and design. Her work as a photographer is featured in major publications such as VOGUE Italia, The Independent Photographer and Portrait Of Humanity, published by the British Journal of Photography and Magnum. She has worked for international brands including Mercedes Benz, H&M, Pixomondo, Etsy and XOUXOU. While working as a freelance photographer and artist, she also studies psychology in order to deepen the psychological skills of her photographic work and to use it for her artistic approach.   Her work ranges from fashion and NGO work, to political activism and multi-media artworks, that revolve around contemporary topics and culturally charged narratives, while always remaining closely linked to her visual perception. In her personal work, she has expanded her focus on depictions of people of all ages, genders, colors or sizes and how they internalize the external pressure of social roles.​​​​​​​

PhotoVogue | Vogue Portfolio
Drive To Help e.V. | NGO

Shortlist: Portrait of Britain Photobook 2023 | published by 1854 and British Journal of Photography
Shortlisted Winner: Portrait of Humanity Vol.4 2022 | published by 1854 and British Journal of Photography
Winner RECLAIM AWARD 2021 | Exhibition Cologne, Germany 21.-30.08.2021
„Portrait of Humanity“ published by MAGNUM & BJP  Shortlisted Winner | Part of „Portrait of Humanity“ photobook 2019
„how do you feel“ photobook publication July 2019
Vogue Italy | Picture of the Day 30/08/2021 and 07/01/2019 | Photo-Vogue Editor‘s Pic
The Independant Photographer | Finalist „Black and White“ November 2018                                                                            

Image Nation Paris, Galerie Joseph, Paris | May 2023
Body Studies - A Visual Dialogue in three Acts | Johanna Berghorn & Mitch Stöhring | Alte Münze, Berlin | 02-23
Image Nation Milan „Just Women“, Fondazione Luciana Matalon, Foro Bonaparte 67, Milano | 09.2022
Soulkissesart Collective | Chausseestr 11, 10115 Berlin | 29.-30.07.2022
"THE UNSEEN" Rankin Creative Exhibition | Quantus Gallery, Shoreditch, London | 16.-24.06.2022
"A New Beginning"  International Photography Festival Bologna, Italy | PhMuseumdays | 23.-26.09.2021
RECLAIM AWARD | Public Space Art Installation | Cologne, Germany 21.-30.08.2021
Bipolar Vol. 1 - I. "Human not Gender" II "Drive to help"  Grüntalerstr. 16, 13359 Berlin  06/02-15/02/2020
"how do you feel" - About growing up female, multimedia exhibition & photobook publication | Bachelor Exhibition UE Berlin  12/07/2019
EMOP Berlin (European Month Of Photography) "DID WE GET LOST" A Photographic Investigation in Asia | Exhibition and Photo Catalogue  Dessauerstr. 5,  05-28/20/2018

"25 Muses" | Torstr. 101, Berlin | 11/2021
"Drive to help" sponsored by Sparkasse | Damenstr. 8, 79183  Waldkirch  03/2020
"Drive to help" Mathildenstr. 26-28, 79106 Freiburg  01/03-31/05/2020
"Drive to help"  Rocafé Emmendingen  05/01/2020
"8000 - 7 - 2" Tirree, Birkenstraße 46, 10551 Berlin  12/12/2019 - 13/01/2020