As a woman, it feels radical to recognize that our bodies belong to no one other than ourselves: not men, not fashion, not advertising; not families, not partners, not friends. External influences endeavor to force us into specific shapes and sizes; adhering to unhealthy standards that render us unhappy, and ultimately, the same. The journey of empowerment is often challenging and ongoing. Continuing over every phase of living, aging and loving.
„Mother Nature“ is about the relationship with our female body and it’s pureness, naturalness and beauty itself, while in this case portraying a woman in the very beginning of menopause - or more specifically: the woman who gave birth to me, my mother. It is about taking back control over how we perceive and love ourselves, in a society that is constantly telling us how to. About the very beginning of experiencing a new phase of being a woman. And about allowing ourself to intensely feel ourself as a woman. Passionate, strong, vulnerable, sexual, beautiful, pure, with our very own female gaze.